Klein MM700 Review: Digital Multimeter

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A multimeter is not only a must for troubleshooting, but its also one of the most important tool for electricians to ensure their safety on a daily basis. After reading our Klein MM700 review you will know all the features, pros and cons this multimeter has to offer. The Klein MM700 is a multimeter TRMS low impedance tester that’s a great addition to any electrician’s kit. It’s accurate and durable, and useful for many different types of testing you may have to do on the job. Here’s everything you need to know about the Klein MM700 and why its one of the best multimeters on the market.

Klein MM700 Review Features

This tester uses true root mean square, otherwise known as TRMS, for very high accuracy while on the job. It does this automatically, so you don’t have to worry about managing this feature manually. It also can test a variety of different features, including temperature, frequency, diodes, capacitance, duty-cycle, and continuity. It can measure up to 1000 volts in AC/DC current, as well as 10A AC/DC current and 40M omega resistance. It has a low impedance mode, which identifies stray voltages. Additionally, this tester is designed to be extremely durable and can withstand up to a 6 and a half foot drop. It also has a category four 600 volt safety rating and a battery that’s quick and easy to change.


This meter delivers high performance quality for electricians at work. It works quickly and is very accurate. It’s a very versatile meter that works for many different jobs. Some electricians do find that the performance quality goes down a bit when you’re trying to measure higher currents, so it’s important to note this before making your purchase. For safety, it’s always important to check the calibration of your tester before you start using it.

The range of testing modes available means you can use this device for all of your electrical needs. Whether you need the most powerful and accurate AC/DC testing or you need low impedance for stray voltage, you can do it all with this tester. The tester is intuitive for experienced electricians to use. Every function was designed by an electrician, so it addresses the actual needs you have on the job site. It works quickly and efficiently, and the display is very easy to read, because it comes with a backlight.


This tester is extremely durable. It can withstand the natural wear and tear you’ll experience on any job site, and you won’t have to worry about the device breaking or malfunctioning when you need it. It also can withstand the shock of a huge drop of up to six and a half feet. The probes are also very strong, which makes the device easy to use and provides top quality reads. Some electricians find that this tester is difficult to carry around because it doesn’t have any easy way to attach to a tool belt or another easy carrier.

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Klein MM700 Review Pros & Cons

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  • Extremely Durable
  • Very accurate test results for
  • Led back-lit screen
  • Vast testing modes

  • Not ideal for testing current

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Klein MM700 Review Conclusion

Overall, this meter provides great quality for both the amateur and professional electrician. It’s incredibly durable and built to last for years. The battery is strong and easy to change, and the display is bright, crisp, and comes with a backlight, so you don’t have to struggle to read it. Bottom line the versatility of the Klein MM700 meter makes it great value for money. If you liked our Klein MM700 review, have and questions, or want to suggest another product for Electrician Lab to review, please leave a comment in the section below.

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