Top 8 Best Non-Contact Voltage Testers 2021

Within the world of electricians, test equipment is extremely important when it comes to safety, you can never claim to be a professional electrician without a voltage tester. How else will you be able to detect the existence of current or voltage? Will you not also predispose yourself to the risks of electric shocks? That is why it pays to get to know above the best non-contact voltage testers on the market today.

Klein Tools NCVT-2 Dual Range Tester

Last update was in: April 13, 2024 8:46 pm

This tester is optimized to handle many applications and if you need to test for both standard and low voltage, this is probably the best non-contact voltage tester. You have it for your taking if you deal with many surfaces or circumstances of use. It is well able to detect both the standard and the low voltages respectively. For this reason, it is quite convenient to make do with.

Excellent Illumination

Its flagship feature is the excellent illumination. This one comes in the form of a bright-green LED light that is highly intense. With this illumination, you will easily see what you are doing especially when in the dark. You will not have to strain or lose your steps at all.

Dual Range Testing

With this tester, you will be able to test two ranges of voltage options. These are the 12-1000V AC and the 48-1000V AC respectively. You will not have to clutter your workspace with many tools. Instead, you will enjoy unconstrained conveniences as you go about your business.

Auto Power-off Feature

An auto power-off feature also comes along with this tester. The aim of this is to help you conserve your batteries. It does so by automatically switching the tester off if it stays idle for too long. This way, it also prevents you from sustaining unnecessary accidents.

  • Yields expanded operations and protection
  • Portable enough for easy transportation
  • Features the durable polycarbonate plastic resin construction
  • Backed by a convenient pocket clip
  • Possesses 9.8-foot/3m drop protection

  • Cannot detect extremely low voltages
  • Lacks a beeping sound for better alerts
  • Some people complain of inconsistent readings

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Fluke 1AC-A1-II VoltAlert Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Last update was in: April 13, 2024 8:46 pm

Are you a career electrician who wants to make his work convenient? This is the tester to bring in for the job. It is universal in scope. You will find it applicable to many tasks and purposes. By placing your bet on it, you will not have to spend too much on other accessories and gears.

Voltbeat Technology

Standing tall among its awesome features is the voltbeat technology. Through this technology, the tester ascertains the integrity of the circuit and that of its battery. You will know whether the tester is in proper working shape or not at any given time. In this manner, you will avoid any ambiguities in the course of use.

Double-flash Visual Indication

From time to time, the tester emits some double flash via its visual indication component. The purpose of this flash is to alert you of any malfunctions or damages to the system. Yet again, it keeps you abreast with any impending issues which might require your intervention.

Robust Performance

All factors considered this tester yields some robust performances indeed. Its tip emits a bright red glow, while it keeps beeping every now and then. This way, you get to know whether there is any voltage in the line conveniently. You will not miss out on any measurements and details hence.

  • Simpler to engage
  • Displays the readings in many formats
  • Handles a wide range of voltage readings
  • Protects your hands appropriately
  • Less ambiguous than most testers

  • Does not endure the test of time
  • Overly sensitive
  • Possesses shorter prongs

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Klein Tools NCVT-1 Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Last update was in: April 13, 2024 8:46 pm

Different testers are designed for different uses and for the price this is by far the best non-contact voltage tester for the everyday residential electrician. This one is for detecting standard voltage only. It can nonetheless handle many materials. Examples of these are wire outlets, circuit breakers, cords, cables, lighting fixtures, and so on. It is a nice one to set your hands on if you deal purely with standard voltages.

Excellent Performance

This tester does a great job in detecting the existence of voltage and current. This one is mostly made possible by the bright red LED illumination. The light is accompanied by some warning tones which alert the existence of voltage. Chances of missing any readings or voltage are heavily suppressed.

ON/OFF Power Button

An on/off button also forms a vital part of this tester. The button is digitally controlled. It works discreetly to deliver to you the required levels of performance. Its existence also goes a long way in reducing the emergence of accidents and injuries. Making sure your environment is not dangerous it’s extremely important for the proper safety equipment!

Professional-grade Makeup

In all, this tester features some professional-grade makeup. This is evidenced by its tough construction, reliable parts, and elegant design. Together, they jointly make for awesome service delivery. While at it, the makeup also reduces the incidences of breakdown. Your maintenance costs are heavily suppressed as a result.

  • Detects current and voltage in many materials
  • Illuminates your workspace too!
  • Enjoys extended battery life courtesy of the power-off feature
  • Emits some warning sounds upon detecting current
  • Features the durable polycarbonate plastic resin construction

  • Poor display unit
  • Detects standard voltage only
  • A low value for money

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Klein Tools NCVT-4IR non-contact Voltage Tester

Last update was in: April 13, 2024 8:46 pm

Large scale structures require no ordinary voltage testers. Due to the massive scope of such structures, there is a need for a piece of specialized testing equipment. This is the one to look up to for such applications. It also has the added benefit of being usable in many environments so if you are an electrician constantly working in dark environments, this is definitely one of the best non-content voltage testers on the market!

Multiple Alerts

Upon detecting voltage, this equipment displays the output in multiple alerts. It gives off the audible and the visual prompts simultaneously. This arrangement ensures that you do not miss out on your readings at all. Any subsequent course of action you take will definitely be accurate also.

Bright Flashlight Illumination

Intending to work in the dark? Worry not! This tester yet again will come to your rescue. It emits some bright flashlight illumination to make this possible. What’s more? This illumination operates independently of the voltage detection functionality. (You may use it as some kind of a spotlight).

Visual LED Bar Graph

As if the above is not enough, the tester contains a visual bar graph that is displayed in the form of LED lighting. The graph detects and showcases the existence of voltage. Higher voltage levels brighten the graph and vice versa. It leads to quicker and prompt interpretations.

  • Resists both water and dust
  • Very light in weight to carry easily
  • Guarantees quick access to your results
  • Delivers precise measurements
  • Emits data with both visual and audible indicators

  • Cannot accept any attachments
  • Quite pricey to come by
  • Poor customer service

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Klein Tools NCVT-3 Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight

Last update was in: April 13, 2024 8:46 pm

Looking to detect voltage in damp environments? You need a tester that is waterproof. That is because the ordinary ones easily sustain water damage. Their readings are also not as accurate. This is the one we ask that you try your luck on. As you are about to see, it is appropriately designed for the job.

Screw-thread Battery Cap

Its battery which supplies it with power contains a cap. This cap is screwed by means of some thread. It is accompanied by an O-ring. The latter guards against water ingress and dust. In so doing, it guarantees the performance of the system reliably for long.

Compact Size

All the constituent parts and components of this tester are enclosed in some compact size. This makes the tool lighter and more convenient to handle. It also has a pocket clip which plays the role of providing you quick and convenient storage. You will also find it easier to deploy.

IP67 Rating

As noted above, this tester is resistant to water and dust. This resistance is brought about by the IP67 rating. Expect it hence to stay reliable even in circumstances which would damage other testers. Also, the tester remains resilient regardless of the mud that is thrown at it.

  • The low battery consumption rate
  • Delivers outcomes in many formats
  • Displays the ends in the form of a graph
  • Illuminates your work area as well
  • Operates at a comfortable frequency indeed

  • No extra features
  • Hit-or-miss detection performance
  • Less bright flashlight

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Milwaukee 2202-20 Voltage Detector with LED Light

Last update was in: April 13, 2024 8:46 pm

Intending to work in an area of low illumination? This is the tester to go for. It contains a flashlight which is pretty bright. This flashlight illuminates your path and makes you behold what you are doing with ease. That way, you get to operate in any area and at any time of the day.

Durable Tip

Its tip is pretty durable. In light of this, it does check all power outlets easily. Being durable, it handles many cycles of operations without faltering. You will also spend less to repair and maintain it hence. This gives you room for further convenience you take your measurements.

Built-in Bright LED Work Light

As noted above, this tester works well in areas of light illumination. It does have a bright and built-in LED lighting mechanism. This one brightens your path to let you clearly see what you are tackling at any given time. Chances of making mistakes are hence kept at bay.

Pocket Clip

For the sake of your easy transportation, this tester comes along with a pocket clip. You attach it on your pocket using the clip. This makes for easy transportation and retrieval if need be. Gone are the possibilities of damaging your tester. Also, the benefit of awesome experience is yours to leverage.

  • Great for all kinds of buildings
  • Detects a wide range of voltage
  • Embodies industry-leading technology
  • Its buttons are easy to push
  • Green power on indicator adds some value

  • Slow operations
  • Difficult to replace the batteries
  • Cannot detect some surfaces

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Tacklife VT01 Advanced Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Last update was in: April 13, 2024 8:46 pm

Different environments require different degrees of sensitivity. It is only fair that the tester you choose for the job to be adjustable. Only then will you be able to impact the surfaces well. Of all the ones we have under review, it is this that is adjustable.

Built-in Flashlight

It contains a flashlight that is built into the system. The flashlight allows you to operate in environments that are dark and poorly illuminated. That is because it brightens your path and wards off any ambiguities. You get to behold what you are doing well.

LED Indicator

An LED indicator comes in next among the list of its most awesome features. The role of this indicator is to clearly display the measurements. It has the ability to display low, medium and the high voltage outputs. You will not have to switch back and forth many devices or clutter your workspace.

VT01 Portable Hook

Generally speaking, this tester is in the form of compact size. It also comes along with a portable hook for your easy transportation. You will hence find it easier to carry around and deploy to the remote location of intended use. This way, you will easily make use of it for daily applications.

  • Recognizes live and null wires
  • Emits screen, light, and sounds at the same time
  • Its bright LCD screen is energy-saving
  • Detects many voltage levels and options
  • Buzzer alarm is loud and sensitive

  • Calls for some expertise to handle
  • Disparages those with less skill
  • Costs a fortune to repair if broken

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Greenlee GT-16 Adjustable Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Last update was in: April 13, 2024 8:46 pm

If your whole life centers on matters of electricity, you want a universal tester. This one is optimized for comprehensive applications. It is hence appropriately suited for whole life use. Take hold of it and devote it to your daily applications. This aside, the device also handles many other applications well.

Adjustable Detector

You may adjust the various parameters of this tester. This lets you handle many kinds of applications. For instance, you may use it in a number of low voltage circuits, thermostats, home lighting, and power wiring. This arrangement means you enjoy a higher value for your money.

Comprehensive Applications

As noted above, this tester handles comprehensive applications. It goes beyond merely detecting the existence of current and voltage. You may use it to find breaks in your wires and spot out neutral and hot conductors. This yet again goes a long way in enhancing your own comfort.

Low-battery Indicator

Lastly comes the low-battery indicator. If the battery power falls below acceptable levels, the indicator alerts you. You will be able to know whether the tool is fit for use or not. Further to that, the indicator also draws to your attention any need for further repairs or buffer.

  • Adjustable enough for many purposes
  • Safe enough to detect low voltage
  • Negates the need to touch the bare conductor
  • Impacts many materials and substances
  • Identifies hot and neutral conductors also

  • Only for professional applications
  • Costs too much to acquire
  • Transportation is somewhat difficult


It makes no sense to read through these explanations and take no action. You must surely acquire one tester from the list above. Read through the list a second time and find that which mirrors your own needs and expertise. If you liked our top 8 best non-contact voltage testers, have and questions or just want to say hi, please leave a comment in the section below!

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