Best Torpedo Level For Electricians: Top 8 2021

Spirit levels are unsuitable for taking measurements in tight spaces. Only the torpedo levels may offer much use at such times and instances of use. To help you in making the right choice, we have seen it necessary to identify and review a couple of the best torpedo levels for electricians here below.

Stanley 43-511 Magnetic Shock Resistant Torpedo Level

Last update was in: June 8, 2024 1:13 pm

Are you short on cash yet would still want to enjoy awesome measurement outcomes? This is the measuring gadget to look up to. It is cheap and simple yet still reliable.

Magnetic Base

Its base contains a powerful magnet which sticks on surfaces easily. For this reason, the torpedo negates the use of hands or manual operations.

Non-marring Rubber End Caps

At its ends are some non-marring rubber caps. These are purposely put in place to absorb shocks and provide added support. In light of this, you will enjoy some heavy-duty use as well.

Heavy-duty Aluminum Frame

Its core comes in the form of some heavy duty Aluminum frame. Being light and strong, the frame enables you to enjoy some long term reliable services as well as high accuracy.

  • Enables hands-free operations
  • Absorbs shocks to allow for accurate readings
  • Lasts a longer duration of time
  • Unlikely to sustain damages and tears
  • Confers maximum readability owing to the top-read vial

  • Too simple for complex chores
  • Brings about less value for money
  • May not be so reliable in the long-term

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Greenlee L77 Mini Magnetic Bubble Level

Last update was in: June 8, 2024 1:13 pm

Wanting to improve your electrical measurements? We ask that you do not settle on any torpedo level randomly. Insist on one that is specially designed for the job like this one.

Durable-machine Construction

Its construction is pretty tough and strong. This stems from the durable machine construction approach. Only the anodized aluminum alloy materials have been used in the process.


To let you gaze your readings conveniently, this equipment comprises some V groove on its top. The groove ensures that you behold whichever reading you derive with any possible hindrances.

Rare Earth Magnets

Its magnets stand apart from the others. They are made of rare earth materials and are three in number. As such, they provide some awesome and superior holding strength, all factors considered.

  • Its construction materials are of aircraft standards
  • Bends easily to measure curved surfaces well
  • Holds on to surfaces tightly without any possibilities of falling off
  • Versatile enough courtesy of four vial designs
  • Fits easily into your tool pouch

  • Slightly heavier
  • Requires excessive muscle power
  • Quite tricky to repair if broken

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Klein Tools 935AB4V Torpedo Level, Magnetic

Last update was in: June 8, 2024 1:13 pm

If yours is an extremely cramped space, you might not rely on any ordinary measuring instrument. Instead, you want one whose can guarantee you awesome readability at all angles. This is the one we recommend for that job.

Patented Magnet Track

This torpedo level stands apart from the others in that its magnet track is patented. Due to the existence of this feature, the rare earth magnets are less likely to fall out even when used rigorously.

Thumb Screw

A thumb screw does exist in this equipment. Its role is to connect the level to a conduit for the sake of taking angular measurements.

Easy-to-read High-visibility Vials

Discharging the readings is done by some easy-to-read and high-visibility vials. These vials also bend at angles 30°, 45°, and 90° to let you take readings at multiple angles.

  • Unlikely to fidget and fall off while in use
  • Measures angles while bending
  • Gives off readings at various angles
  • The large vial generates great readability
  • Its highly visible orange body is easy to spot

  • Slightly complicated to a simple user
  • Demands too much care and maintenance
  • Contains many parts and features

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Swanson TL043M 9-inch Savage Magnetic Torpedo Level

Last update was in: June 8, 2024 1:13 pm

Do you change locations every now and then? If you do, then, only a compact size and easy to use level may come to your rescue. Of all the best torpedo level for electricians that are under our review today, this is the one that closely mirrors that expectation.

0.029° Vial Accuracy

Its vials are pretty accuracy. Their accuracy is to 0.029°. Moreover, they are also sealed at the top and bottom. Apart from giving off accurate readings, they also retain their accuracy indefinitely.

Laser Etching & Anodized Finish

Throughout the exterior of the level are some laser etching and anodized finishing. These two lengthen the lifespan of the level and also makes it appear elegant.

Powerful Magnets

Also constituting a vital part of this level are some four powerful magnets. They are derived from rare earth materials and as such, confer some super strong hold.

  • Delivers truly accurate and reliable readings
  • Three times stronger for lifetime durability
  • Tackles the conduit bends reliably
  • Contains some patented features too
  • Retains its accuracy for a longer duration

  • Only for professional applications
  • Maintenance may be tricky if broken
  • Accommodates fewer attachments

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CHECKPOINT 0300B Pro Mag Precision Torpedo Level, Blue

Last update was in: June 8, 2024 1:13 pm

Do you intend to measure spaces and equipment which have larger dimensions? If you intend to do so, you are highly advised to use an equally large and comprehensive level of this kind.

Tapered End

One of its ends is tapered at an angle of 45°. This tapering makes it simpler for you to hold the level against a surface that is diagonal. You hence get to obtain readings regardless of your angle of use.

V-Groove System

A V-groove system also exists at this level. With this feature, the tool is capable of straddling the pipe system which is 10 inches in diameter or less. This again ups the value you obtain from this tool.

Built-in Auto 45° Angle

Built into the system is some automatic 45° angle. The role of this angle is to allow for perfect alignment and quick referencing if and when the circumstances so demand.

  • Does not slip or fall off easily
  • Tilts to measure surfaces at various angles
  • Viewable from all sides and angles
  • Exudes extraordinary holding power
  • Measures the impressive 6 to 9 inches

  • Cumbersome to carry around
  • Takes up more storage space
  • Calls for some expertise to handle well

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Goldblatt Lighted 9in. Aluminum Verti. Site Torpedo Level

Last update was in: June 8, 2024 1:13 pm

Do you work in ordinarily too tight a space? If you do, then you have no option but to invest your money in a level that is similarly compact in size. Of all the best torpedo level for electricians, we have today, it is this that provides such reliable usage.

Multi-function Level

With this level, it is possible for you to derive readings both during the day and night. That is because it has some built-in night light. Some two AAA alkaline batteries are included for this role.

Variable Measurement Units

It is also capable of discharging readings in both the metric and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) units. You hence will not have to shuffle back and forth these two units as they are provided for simultaneously.

4-piece Holding Magnetic Base

The base comprises some 4-piece holding magnets. They are strong and secure your level firmly on the metallic surface which you might want to use it.

  • Produces clear and intuitive green bubbles
  • Readable from multiple angles
  • Simpler to store and carry around
  • Meets and exceeds most measurement requirements
  • Portable design allows for smooth transportation

  • Costly to manage and operate
  • Too slim for professional use
  • May not handle operations reliably

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Lighted Level, Magnetic Torpedo Level Klein Tools 935RBLT

Last update was in: June 8, 2024 1:13 pm

In case you handle too huge a workload, the level you lay your hand on has to be pretty accurate and precise. This is to eliminate the need for constant reworks and save your time as well. For this, we recommend this best torpedo level for electrician.

Professional-grade Billet Aluminum Body

The body of this level is made of professional-grade billet aluminum materials. It is subsequently both tough and sturdy for long-term reliability. What’s more? Its orange color makes it extra visible so you won’t miss it.

Auto Shut-off

If the device stays idle for some three minutes, it shall automatically shut off to save your batteries. You will subsequently not have to incur excess utility bills while at the same time enjoy uninterrupted services.

Tapered Nose

The nose is tapered. This makes it push seamlessly into your pockets and tight spaces. You will hence not have to endure too great hassles while making use of this level.

  • Allows you to take readings at multiple angles
  • Fits the contours of conduits and pipes easily
  • Resistant to both water and impacts
  • Secures firmly to any metal surface
  • Possesses three large vials

  • Costly to afford
  • Definitely not for starters and less experienced persons
  • May disparage those with little experience

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EMPIRE EM71.8 Professional True Blue Magnetic Box Level, 8″

Last update was in: June 8, 2024 1:13 pm

Are you a career electrician who is in need of a permanent companion? If you are, then waste no time with any other gadget. This one is truly the one you need for your measurement exercises owing to its tough nature.

360° View Vials

Topping the list of its most awesome features are the 360° view vials. These contain a top-reading window that is clearly legible. They hence make you derive readings easily.

Patented True Blue Vials

Coming close to the above are the patented true blue vials. Not only are they modifiable for all working positions, but also do they possess high accuracy of 0.0005 in per inch.

Aircraft Aluminum Chassis

The aircraft aluminum chassis close the list of the outstanding features of this level. It is the heavy-duty 6061 T5 aircraft grade. Owing to its tough nature, it provides durability that is largely unmatched with any other level.

  • Clearly legible at all times of day
  • Improve readability greatly
  • Resists breaking for long term use
  • Neither leaks nor fogs
  • 400% stronger than the standard vials

  • Way too costly to afford
  • Only for those with expertise and experience
  • Too tedious to care for and maintain


Having the right tool for the right job is extremely important. Now that you know all about the best torpedo level for electricians 2021, are you not fully equipped to make an informed purchasing decision? Simply skim the list we have reviewed above and identify the one which most suits you. If you happen to get stuck, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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